Contact:0401 448239,

Healesville, VIC, AUST
DAF CF85 460
Various other trailers available on request to suit most cargo types. Floats / Dropdecks / Tri-Log Skels / Flat-tops / Log Jinkers
Other Equipment Available:
All available with a range of buckets and attachments including rippers, trenchers, rock drills, rock hammers, power brooms, log grabs etc

Wet Hire Only
Other Services Available:
Though other local contractors we are able to offer a comprehensive list of skills, experience and equipment. Projects can range from a simple driveway resurfacing to major construction earthworks. We can offer a complete service from Tree Removal through Excavations, Access and Drainage Installation and final Landscaping. Along the way we can arrange for your logs to be converted to timber , fence posts, firewood or mulch and used in your project. If you need a dam cleaned out, or retaining walls constructed that can also be arranged.
Specialising in low volume and niche log and timber markets.

 AmberWood can source hardwood and softwood log to suit your specific requirements. Using our access to a diverse range of sawmills we can also provide Sawn Timber for a specific project or longer term need.
-Export Pine Log Markets
-Wholesale Dunnage and Case Timbers
-Private Plantation Marketing / Harvesting
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